Potentate's Message

To Our Shrine Family,


It is truly a pleasure and honor to be elected your potentate for 2017. Rita and I look forward to being part of our shrine family with plans for a great year. My motto this year is Shrine Fun/Masonic Values. It is my hope all Abou Ben Adhem Nobles have a fun year always remembering we are Masons.


Myself and all the Divan are always available to assist in any way we can, our door is always open.


Be proud of being a Shriner and having the greatest philanthropy in the world, which is the Shriners Hospital for Children. Have a great year enjoying your shrine and as always be looking for good men to join this great fraternity.


Yours in the Faith

Greg “Weezer” Keeling

Illustrious Sir Greg Keeling

2017 Divan

4633 W. Mount Vernon

Springfield, MO 65802


Phone: (417) 725-2868, (417) 866-3421

Email: weezer7183@mchsi.com


Illustrious Sir Greg Keeling

Lady Rita

Chief Rabban

Rick Anderson

Lady Joann

Assistant Rabban

Chuck Oheim

Lady Terry

1033 Riverdale Road

Ozark, MO 65721


Phone: (417) 881-1414, (417) 581-3246

Email: randerson@abashrine.com



Temple Representative  for:

Greeters, Joplin SC, Oriental Band,

Pulaski County/Ft. Wood SC, Pirates

162 Briar Ridge Court

Nixa, MO  65714


Home 417-581-0945, cell 417-839-6394

Email: coheim@abashrine.com




Temple Representative for:

Dallas County SC, Directors Staff,

Lake Stockton SC, Pomme de Terre SC


High Priest & Prophet

David Porterfield

Lady Brenda

Oriental Guide

Scott Houge

2149 E. Madison

Springfield, MO 65802


Phone:(417) 861-4592

Email: dporterfield@abashrine.com



Temple Representative for:

Clowns, Keystone Kops, Lawrence County SC,

Shell Knob SC

2128 S. Cedarbrook

Springfield, MO 65804


Phone: (417)881-1107, (417)838-6612

Email:  shouge@abashrine.com


Temple Representative for:

Barry County SC, Laclede County SC,

Taney County SC, YABAN



Larry Davis

Lady Debbie


Dr. Mike Pfander, PP

Lady Jeanne

4915 S. Williams Dr.

Springfield, MO 65810

Cell: (417)-889-2124

E-mail: lwdcpa@gmail.com

1754 S. Campbell

Springfield, MO 65807


Phone: (417) 869-1103



First Ceremonial Master

Frank Keyes

Lady Peggy

Second Ceremonial Master

Bradley Roam

Lady Kim

7964 N. State Hwy 125

Strafford, MO  65757


Res: (417)736-2682       Cell: (417) 838-4875

Email: fkeyes@abashrine.com


Temple Representative for:

ABA Cruisers, Hospital Dads,

Legion of Honor, Past Masters



741 S. Jester Ave.

Springfield, MO 65803


Cell: (417)389-1676

Email: roamfamily@att.net


Temple Representative for:

Christian County SC, Greene County SC,

Lake of the Ozarks SC, Neosho SC


Charlie George

Lady Barbara


Bruce Monroe

Lady Tonya

3837 S. Parklane Ave.

Springfield, MO  65807


Res: (417)889-8424

Cell: (417)860-7195

Email: crgeor@gmail.com


Representative to: Ring Club

2043 E. Shady Glen

Springfield, MO 65804


Res: (417)-882-6642

Cell: (417)-880-5937

E-mail: bmonroe@gershman.com


Temple Representative for:

Band, Bowlers, Carthage SC, Carthage Burn Crew,

South Central SC, Stone County SC, SOCMO Clowns



Captain of the Guard

Steve Allgood

Lady Sandy

Outer Guard

Richard Brownsberger

Lady Sarah

5837 Elm St

Webb City, MO 64870


Cell: (417)-439-7937

E-mail: sallgood@abashrine.com


Temple Representative for:

ABA Sportsmen, Barton County SC, Carthage Train Crew, Corvettes, White Mustangs

1841 N. Farm Rd.

Strafford, MO 65757


Cell: (417)-766-2331

E-mail: rbrownsberger@abashrine.com


Temple Representative for:

HOST SC, Nevada SC, Scenic Rivers SC.