New Member FAQ

What is a Potentate?

The leader of our temple, elected each January by the Nobility.


What is the Divan?

Your temple leadership. Top 5 are elected by the Nobility and other 5 are appointed by the Potentate in January.


What is a Rajah?

Shrine Club Leader, elected each year by the Club membership.


What is the difference between a Club and a Unit?

Units parade, Clubs don’t. Clubs are usually geographical (Greene County etc).


When should I wear my fez?

It never hurts to carry your fez into any Shrine meeting. You can always wear it at a meeting even if the others are not. Each Club or Unit is different.


When should I bring my Lady?

Most events with the Ladies are publicized that way.  If in doubt, call the Club or Unit head and ask, their numbers are in listed under Clubs/Units page on this website. This information is also in the Pocket Calendar you will be receiving which is also downloadable under the ABA Publications tab.


What should I wear?

Most Club & Units are casual. You are never out of place at a meeting wearing your Shrine Shirt. Formal Events will be advertised that way.


Do I have to be a member of that Club or Unit to go to a meeting?

If you are interested in a Club or Unit, contact one of their leaders and tell them you would like to come to a meeting. There are always non members (still Shriners though) at meetings. Some Clubs and Units will have a meeting or event for you to bring prospective members.


I have other questions, where do I get answers?

Lots of answers can be found on this website, and if you are a already a member, Shriners Village. All of these are linked at the bottom of the page. Also, you can contact the Fraternal Affairs Director, Membership

Committee or any Divan Member for help.